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Colour Care

Loving your new colour?

Whether it be a complete change or just a touch-up of the norm, it is important that having invested in a colour service, you also invest in the time to care and nurture it.

Here are some tips on how to keep your colour looking & feeling like you have just left the salon.

Avoid washing your hair!

Do not wash your hair before having your colour applied. The day before is OK, but colour not only holds better to dirty hair, clean hair can be too slippery from the conditioner but, if you wash your hair before colouring, the dye or bleach may burn your scalp because it is at its most sensitive. Only semi-permanent colours are applied to wet hair.

Do not wash your hair for at least 48 hours after your colour service or go swimming without a cap. Your hair needs time to settle down and for its PH balance to be restored.

Use protective low PH colour care shampoos & conditioners. (Consider a Vitaplex treatment).

These will help to keep the hair cuticles closed and reduce the degree of fading, prolonging the colour. An intensive conditioning treatment (Vitaplex) in between colour services will boost any hair colour regardless of the shade. Well-nourished locks will keep your colour vibrant & help restore the hairs natural condition & shine.


Invest in a heat protection product.

When using styling equipment such as curlers, straighteners and hairdryers. It will help prevent heat damage. 

Avoid medicated shampoos.

And shampoos with alcohol and high detergents in, as they can strip the colour from your hair.


Avoid bright sunlight.

As much as possible! As well as causing colour fade, it accentuates red tones. Styling products with added sunscreen or UV filters in will help and also protect your scalp to.


Rinse your hair immediately after swimming.

The chemicals in the chlorine can react with the chemicals in your hair and give off a greenish colour – ouch!

Maintain your fabulous colour with regular trips to the salon. Don’t allow faded colours and obvious roots to ruin your look by colouring your hair once and then leaving it for six months. 

Vitaplex Biomimetic Hair Treatment         

Restores damaged hair. Protects against breakage & Intensifys colour.         

Can be used as a stand-alone treatment at the backwash or be included in your colour or lightening service.

Final price will be based on hair length:*- £10.00 Short hair / £15.00 Medium length hair / £20.00 Long hair. *

Blow-dry extra.


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