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Conditioning Treatments


Skeeter’s offers two types of conditioning treatments to suit your time and your hair’s needs.


Intensive Deep Repair Mask                                     Applied to wet hair and left on for up to 15 minutes under a steam processor.


Blend of natural oils*

Applied to dry hair and then left on for up to 30 minutes under a steam processor.

*Some oils are from nuts; please advise if you have any nut allergies.

Some oils can also naturally darken your hair.


There are many benefits to deep             conditioning your hair.


Restores the natural shine of your hair. 

Helps deal with dry scalps, dandruff, itching and scratching and has a soothing, cooling effect.

Restores weakened, porous and damaged hair to give it back its strength, prevent breakage and split ends.

Major benefit to coloured and permed hair.

Can help to delay/minimize grey hair and help stimulate new growth, whilst thickening hair.

By using a steam processor when conditioning, it opens blocked scalp pores, cleanses and purifies the scalp and releases toxins. This then allows the hair the chance to grow. Steam also aides deeper penetration of the masks or oils.


Conditioning treatments prior to and/or after a chemical service, enable better results and can give your existing colour new life and make it last longer.


Conditioning treatments start from £8.00* for the mask and £10.00* for oils and will vary depending on hair length and where conditioning is needed.  


* Please refer to wash and blow dry prices - as not included.



Book a perm or colour and receive 25% off your 1st conditioning treatment. 



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