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Skeeter's Salon
2 Wood House (Rear)
Orchard Lane
Tel: 07531 320608

By Appointment Only.

Closed on Sundays.

Fully Insured.


Parking is available on the rear driveway and there is a parking bay for 2 cars opposite the front of the house. Please consider other residents when parking. Thank You.     


Entrance is via the back gate/garden only and not the front door please. There is a sign on the back gate and an 'Entrance' sign outside the salon's patio doors.



Payment terms: Cash or Card.

Cards accepted:

Visa / V pay / MasterCard / Maestro / Amex /

Apple Pay / Contactless


In order to comply with the new data protection laws (May 2018), client record files are stored in a secure, locked cabinet.

No duplicate copies of this information exist and client details will not be shared with any third party.

Files will be held for as long as Skeeters provides services and/or goods to clients and/or retention periods in line with legal and regulatory requirements or guidance.

Any photos posted on Skeeters Salon Facebook page will have received prior approval from the client and will not be named or tagged unless the client chooses to do this themselves.

Skeeters currently does not send any newsletters. Should this change at any point in the future, clients will be required to register.

Many thanks


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