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Perms are back! Seriously. And they won't make you feel like Janet Jackson or Jennifer Beals from Flashdance. Unless you want to of course!


The perms of today are smooth, volumizing and require  little or no drying and can give you beautiful, wavy hair. They have a much more modern feel to them. It is the winding technique that will give you the effect you want to achieve. Loose  beach waves, spiral curls (like Kelly Hoppen from Dragon’s Den) or just to create some lift if you have very flat, straight hair.


So come on girls, bring on the curls. Skeeter’s will also give you some top tips on how to prepare your hair before your perm and how to keep it looking good after. 


Short Hair          From £45.00

Long Hair           From £60.00


A skin test is required 48 hours prior to your service being carried out. Compatibility tests may also be carried out in advance of your perm. 


Perms include an 80% diffuser dry. If a cut is required this will be carried out prior to your hair being wound and the price confirmed during the service.


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