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Perm Care

Avoid washing your hair and going swimming for at least 24-48 hours after your perm. Your hair needs time to settle down from the chemicals and for its natural PH balance to be restored.


Avoid shampoos with silicone -they can shorten the life of your perm. Go for shampoos and conditioners for chemically treated hair.


Regular conditioning treatments will return the shine to your hair, keep frizz at bay and act as a detangler.


If your curl starts to lose its shape or bounce, return to your salon for a cut, as this will rejuvenate the curls.


Use a diffuser dryer on a low heat setting to remove 80% of moisture and then let nature dry the rest – if not all! Lay your locks on to the diffuser and let the gentle heat do the rest. Do not blow dry your perm. It will create frizz and dry out your hair.


Do not scrunch your hair with your fingers or brush it. Use a wide toothed comb to gently tousle out those beautiful curls.


Try not to tie up your hair for 1 -2 days after your perm. This can cause deformation of your curls.


Wait at least 2 weeks before or after your perm for any other chemical services to be carried out, just so your hair has time to  recover in between.


Avoid too much sunlight. The UV rays can damage your permed tresses. Wear a hat.


Use mousses, gels or serums especially designed for curly hair. Don’t overdo them though! Start with a small amount in the palm   of your hand, slide up through your fingers and then gently apply to the roots or ends (wherever needed). Less is more. Too much       product will cause stickiness and leave your locks looking dry or hard.


Use a cotton T-Shirt to wrap your hair in and not a towel. It will remove excess water whilst letting the curls set. Leave on while you go about your routine and when you remove the T-Shirt gently shake the curls. This really helps to prevent frizz - it is called 'plopping'.


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