Waxing Top Tips

Continued waxing encourages a slower, sparser re-growth. In most cases, you will see minimal   re-growth during the first 3 weeks, but         everyone is different.


Allow 2 weeks from shaving before waxing.

The ideal minimum hair length for waxing is a grain of rice. If your hair is too long, it can cause more discomfort during waxing. It takes 3 consecutive waxes every 3-4 weeks to allow hairs to grow in 1 cycle.


Please do not shave in between waxing; otherwise the re-growth pattern will be uneven and can cause ingrowing hairs.



Gently exfoliate your skin a day or two before waxing, but skip harsh scrubs the day of your waxing appointment. Exfoliation helps wax grab hair and not the skin, but it can also leave skin more sensitive to pain, so lighter is better. A rough washcloth is perfect for gentle exfoliation, but don't scrub too hard.


During waxing, the pores are opened and the blood supply brought to the surface. The following precautions will help to prevent       irritation & infection....

24 hours after waxing..

Do not have your bath or shower too hot. Warm   water is acceptable. Avoid sun, solarium's, saunas/Turkish baths, deodorant, perfumed products & swimming. These can all irritate your skin.

48 hours after waxing..

Exfoliate the skin to prevent in-growing hairs. Moisturise regularly.


On your first visit to Skeeter's Salon, you will be asked to complete a consultation form, as certain medications, health conditions and/or skin conditions can affect the service being carried out or not at all.

If you are new to waxing, have sensitive skin or any concerns; please book in for a patch test 24hrs prior to the treatment.

Areas being waxed need to be well exposed to ensure complete removal of hair, so for intimate waxing (apart from bikini), please be aware you   will need to remove underwear. If this is an issue, then please do contact the salon to discuss.


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